Server time!

Monday night your intrepid heroine and host of the server came home with a horrid stomachache, so I canceled server time for that night. To make up for it I ran Wednesday night instead. It was a  fairly low key evening with a bit less lag and voidspawning than usual and people mostly worked on their own stuff. DoublePositive, anticipating 0.12, built a nether portal behind spawn and finished up stuff in Spawner Land. Also in the spirit of preparing for 0.12, 576875  went out to the Troll village and started shoring it up against Things to Come. Hachi finished … continue

Open server, 6/29

A fairly low key evening was had tonight, with a concentration on finishing up builds people had started earlier. 5 and Swarm finished the minigame arena they’ve been working on. There is spleef, archery, King of the hill, fishing and parkour to compete in. May the best person win! Henry10030 meanwhile finished up his base and topped it off with a giant statue of themselves. Obviously so we don’t forget what they look like, lol. Hachi has been working on… well, I still haven’t figured out what this is supposed to be. I just know that it is awesome. To … continue

And so it began. (Spawn House)

So going back exactly 8 months ago to late evening, July 18, 2014. The new update to Minecraft had just dropped for iOS and I was terribly excited. Since I’ve never been a PC player (and have no real interest in starting), this was going to be my first time experiencing infinite worlds, Enderman, biomes, wolves and several other things Kidzilla and Beastie liked to tell me about during their visits. I updated MCPE on my phone, created a new infinite world, and pushed the button…                                 … continue