Big Server News!

Been a little quiet on the website lately! For that I apologize – my non-Minecraft life has been eating me alive, and many of the ARBiTors are back in school, so really everyone’s been busy. But I wanted to delurk long enough to say HEY I HAVE SOME BIG NEWS OH WAIT THE FEATURED IMAGE FOR THIS POST AND THE SIDEBAR ALREADY SPOILED IT WELLP. To make a short story long, October 7th was my birthday, and I got myself and by extension the rest of the gang a little present: An Acer Iconia One 7, the sole planned use … continue

Happy Labor Day!

First of all as your fearless leader I apologize for my absence these past few weeks. August has been absolutely crazy with work and Real Life, so my focus has been anywhere and on anything aside from Minecraft lately. I’m hoping things will calm down this month so I can focus on the game and the blog more.

Second of all, its a long weekend in the US owing to the Labor Day holiday, signalling the bittersweet end of summer for most of us. Since WSE is down for the moment, I’m offering to keep ARBTserver online as much as possible this weekend, since I have no official plans that require leaving the house, lol. Since this will essentially be 24 hours for the next couple days, I invite people who have wanted to visit the server but couldn’t before now due to time zone problems to pop on and say hi. 🙂 Throw down some nether portals, since 0.12 has been submitted and will hit fairly soon! (I’ve been setting off a bunch of farewell nether reactors.) I won’t necessarily be at my screen the entire time, but will say hello if I’m around.

Hope to see y’all around!

Featured Build of the Month: A cottage near spawn

August is drawing to a close and comes with several new faces from WSE, a blip with the website domain, and many amazing builds being built or just getting started on. Today I would like to highlight, a cottage near spawn. The cottage was built by BatMan3054 and the farm was built by Swarmhut. I like the use of bricks as part of the path material, because it really pops against the green of the surrounding grass. I admire how the windows of the building are irregular and somewhat mismatch. The windows of the house make it feel quirky. Stepping … continue

The TNT Quilt (part 1)

Subtitle of this post being “Why I Haven’t Been Around Much Lately.” Aside from, you know, day job and adulthood eating my life lately. I’ve been working on a Minecraft Related but not On Minecraft project which has cut into my playing time some (although I have started a new build – more on that in a later post). Well, a lot. Okay, aside from last week’s server run I haven’t been on MCPE much at all. At the beginning of last month I was still casting about for a present for Wee Beastie’s birthday, and as is my wont, … continue

We’ve had a blip!

Sorry about the couple days of blog downtime, y’all. Your fearless leader had a brain-fart and a few strategically important emails land in the spambox and long story short my domain expired. All better now!

On the Server transfer front, my desktop is proving harder to resurrect than initially expected. No sooner did I get the drive failure addressed when the CMOS decided to die. She’s an ancient machine by any standard, so none of this is exactly surprising, but it is no less frustrating for it. I’ll keep trying to get her up and running, but worst comes to worst, My husband and I are working on drafting a part list for a brand new box so we can finally let this one be honorably discharged after years of faithful service.

As an alternative, I’ve been looking into the wide world of minecraft hosts. It seems like most of them are crap. HOWEVER. I recently remembered that my webhost, whom I’ve had for years (and are awesome people) does offer Minecraft server hosting. No real word on whether they offer Pocketmine/MCPE, but I do have a little experience running one on my own, so I could self-install at the very least if Pocketmine is the way I decide to go. I’m still waffling on it, honestly – I like working mobs! But I’d also like to host more than 5 people at a time! But PHP is a platform I can actually work in! But laaaaaaaaaaaaaag. It’s a dilemma to be sure. To make things worse, I’ve checked out MiNet and while the terrain generation is hilarious (post about that later) it does seem poised to be a capable contender in the MCPE hosting department.

Of course with 0.12.0 on the horizon and Win 10 out, all of this could be rendered moot. We’ll see.

Anyway! Sorry again for the downtime. See y’all Monday!