So you want to check out the places I and others have been posting in this blog and elsewhere around the internet? Awesome! Come visit anytime – the server is now 24/7!

Server Address: (sorry about the length!)
Port: 19132

The picture at right’ll tell you the server status and the time/date of the next open server session. I officially run every Monday between 6ish and 9ish pm (EST). I am sometimes open outside of that window during weekday evenings or weekend days, so check here before logging on.

Apologies in advance, I’m running this directly off my iPhone 5 so sometimes the game will go down mid-session due to Plug crashing out, the game itself crashing, or, hilariously, someone calling me. (luckily this does not happen often.) At some point I’ll get a working Android emulator and run it off that.

General Server Rules:

  • ABSOLUTELY NO GRIEFING. This includes destroying my or other people’s stuff, setting fires, detonating giant TNT bombs or (in survival) killing other players. This is NOT a PVP or Hunger Games type server; please go elsewhere if that’s how you want to play. (The regulars are allowed to prank each other within reason.)
  • This is a kid-friendly server. Please keep language PG rated. (This means you, FatalDeath.) Also while conversation is fine in chat, please don’t spam it.
  • The area around the spawn point/house is pretty full, so please range outward from spawn to build your base or creation or whatever. It’s a HUGE map and most of it’s empty. I also want to encourage others to explore the world and help me build stuff in areas that I haven’t gotten around to exploring yet. There is a 100 block building/modification moratorium in effect, as depicted by the red square here:

    Home Sweet (272, 65, 12)

  • If a creeper or player damages road, subway or a structure, let me (I always play as ARBT) know so I can repair it. If I’m not at screen, and there’s an immediate problem that needs addressing please post to the subreddit or comment here.
  • Unless a chest is marked in some way (usually via sign), the stuff in it is fair game. There are basic food/supplies in the chest next to world spawn. The big birch house immediately north of spawn in the main world and the giant labyrinthine underground sprawl behind spawn in the survival world is for everyone to use as well (but please don’t modify it.) There is also a large vegetable farm across the road from Spawn house, and an ingenious purple steak/leather grinder a little ways down from there built by DoublePositive, so you should be good for tools and food immediately after joining.
  • If you see something cool and you take pictures, send them to me! This goes double if you have a cool texture pack. I’ll put them up on here.

That’s pretty much it! Have fun on your visit!


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