A map! Finally!

Hey ARBiTors! The blog’s been kinda neglected lately, I apologize. Too many irons in the fire lately, and too intimidating of a backlog of server pictures and posts to do. A quick update before I get to the big news. We’ve been 24 hours for a little less than a month! Well, I say 24 hours, lol. I will admit the time has certainly had its share of wonkyness between my internet doing its best impression of a yo-yo and the occasional crash. For the most part though, the happy little tablet has played happy host to the world and … continue

Comfortable in ones own skin

Busy busy busy, working on stuff. GCT is coming along and I will hopefully be able to post a batch of new pictures by the end of the weekend, after I’ve had a few hours to really go nuts with working on it. I know I’ve mentioned that one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to 0.11.0 is that finally, FINALLY we will get to have skins. I am a black cisfemale gamer and any game that gives me the option of being a black woman in-universe is an extra bit of win. Its interesting because I feel like … continue

Creative/Survival switching in 0.10.x

[EDIT: it is no longer possible to access your app files in iOS 8.3, so the below only applies to iOS 8.2 and below. If you think you’re going to be mode switching a lot between now and 0.11.0 hold off on updating your device. Yes, I found this out the hard way, and boy howdy I am annoyed.] During Saturday’s open server run I was asked how I switched between creative and survival with my world, so I thought I’d post a tutorial. While I’m sure some out there will use it to “cheat” (though how you cheat in … continue

Plug for Minecraft PE: A review

Well now that the app has survived a few multiplayer sessions, time to post an official review! Plug for Minecraft PE (or PlugPE) is an iOS app that brings usable commands to the gameplay experience, making it possible to run a moderated server-like environment for players. While not all of the commands in the arsenal are functional yet, most others Minecraft and MCPE players are familiar with (kill, teleport, coords, give, etc) do work. They are still working on “fly,” “ignite,” “gamemode” (though that’ll be a moot point come 0.11.0) and a few other things, including, apparently “protect,” which YAY. … continue