A map! Finally!

Hey ARBiTors! The blog’s been kinda neglected lately, I apologize. Too many irons in the fire lately, and too intimidating of a backlog of server pictures and posts to do. A quick update before I get to the big news. We’ve been 24 hours for a little less than a month! Well, I say 24 hours, lol. I will admit the time has certainly had its share of wonkyness between my internet doing its best impression of a yo-yo and the occasional crash. For the most part though, the happy little tablet has played happy host to the world and … continue

We’ve had a blip!

Sorry about the couple days of blog downtime, y’all. Your fearless leader had a brain-fart and a few strategically important emails land in the spambox and long story short my domain expired. All better now!

On the Server transfer front, my desktop is proving harder to resurrect than initially expected. No sooner did I get the drive failure addressed when the CMOS decided to die. She’s an ancient machine by any standard, so none of this is exactly surprising, but it is no less frustrating for it. I’ll keep trying to get her up and running, but worst comes to worst, My husband and I are working on drafting a part list for a brand new box so we can finally let this one be honorably discharged after years of faithful service.

As an alternative, I’ve been looking into the wide world of minecraft hosts. It seems like most of them are crap. HOWEVER. I recently remembered that my webhost, whom I’ve had for years (and are awesome people) does offer Minecraft server hosting. No real word on whether they offer Pocketmine/MCPE, but I do have a little experience running one on my own, so I could self-install at the very least if Pocketmine is the way I decide to go. I’m still waffling on it, honestly – I like working mobs! But I’d also like to host more than 5 people at a time! But PHP is a platform I can actually work in! But laaaaaaaaaaaaaag. It’s a dilemma to be sure. To make things worse, I’ve checked out MiNet and while the terrain generation is hilarious (post about that later) it does seem poised to be a capable contender in the MCPE hosting department.

Of course with 0.12.0 on the horizon and Win 10 out, all of this could be rendered moot. We’ll see.

Anyway! Sorry again for the downtime. See y’all Monday!

The Back-From-Hiatus Runs

OMG y’all I am SO behind on posting LOL. So a quick recap on what is New, Improved and Different on the ARBTserver: We had a new face from WSE visit on Monday: welcome Kyster! There is now a road extension from the Pyramid, through the huge desert biome and ending at the village Hachi discovered a few runs back. The ARBTServer monument has been extended, with two more spaces added for statues. May shove it out two more spaces just so ARBT lines up in the middle evenly again, haven’t decided. I’ve finished reskinning the hot air balloon. It … continue

Some updates on the upcoming 0.12 release

As we eagerly await 0.12, tommaso teases some of the features and some news. Such as:

  • The togglable crouching “o” button
  • A glowing book in the enchanting table
  • The WIP enchanting interface

Also today he tweeted some news about the 0.12 update

I am glad they chose to continue work getting these features in, rather than getting a half-baked MCPE.








MCPE 0.12 update

Ahh the 2nd day of Minecon.  Awesome stuff being announced and more. Now on to some MCPE news. Here are some of the confirmed additions and changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • Hunger (you can go hungry now)
  • Anvil (rename and fix your tools)
  • Potions and Brewing (gain strength and go invisible)
  • Experience and Experience Bars (Exp. farms!)
  • Controller Support (finally physical buttons)
  • Nether  (We need to go deeper)
  • Enchanting  (Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3 diamond swords)
  • Ocelots (Meow)
  • Crouching and Sprinting (Finally no more falling off the edge!)
  • Disable auto-jump and relocated jump button
  • Weather (Oh no it’s raining)
  • Zombie Villagers and Villager wear different colored robes

The MCPE team said that the End, the Wither, Realms (#Blameshogi) and Redstone will be added soon(tm). These were questions asked by the audience if they were coming to Pocket Edition. I will update if more information is released.