One more quick map post

I hit a little bit of a snag with regard to maybe bringing the browser interactive tool to the site – namely that the javascript is still looking for huge files instead of the reasonably sized cropped one. Stay tuned for alternate ideas. Anyway, one more map, this time an enlargement of our densely packed spawn area: Since on the previous two maps it was near impossible to label everything in the spawn area, I decided to crop it down just to Spawn and the area around it. There is… a lot here, some of which I didn’t recognize/remember, and … continue

More Maps

When we last left your fearless leader, I was gleefully sorting through oodles of generated maps of ARBTServer and squeeing about finally having a world map after waiting a year and a half. I haven’t budged much from there, really. The interactive tools are really informative, since you can browse the maps by dimension, depth, etc once MCPE Viz crunches out all the pictures it’s capable of making. I really want to share ours, but unfortunately this means I’ve been spending large portions of the last couple of days cropping the generated overworld graphics down to a manageable size, because … continue

We’ve had a blip!

Sorry about the couple days of blog downtime, y’all. Your fearless leader had a brain-fart and a few strategically important emails land in the spambox and long story short my domain expired. All better now!

On the Server transfer front, my desktop is proving harder to resurrect than initially expected. No sooner did I get the drive failure addressed when the CMOS decided to die. She’s an ancient machine by any standard, so none of this is exactly surprising, but it is no less frustrating for it. I’ll keep trying to get her up and running, but worst comes to worst, My husband and I are working on drafting a part list for a brand new box so we can finally let this one be honorably discharged after years of faithful service.

As an alternative, I’ve been looking into the wide world of minecraft hosts. It seems like most of them are crap. HOWEVER. I recently remembered that my webhost, whom I’ve had for years (and are awesome people) does offer Minecraft server hosting. No real word on whether they offer Pocketmine/MCPE, but I do have a little experience running one on my own, so I could self-install at the very least if Pocketmine is the way I decide to go. I’m still waffling on it, honestly – I like working mobs! But I’d also like to host more than 5 people at a time! But PHP is a platform I can actually work in! But laaaaaaaaaaaaaag. It’s a dilemma to be sure. To make things worse, I’ve checked out MiNet and while the terrain generation is hilarious (post about that later) it does seem poised to be a capable contender in the MCPE hosting department.

Of course with 0.12.0 on the horizon and Win 10 out, all of this could be rendered moot. We’ll see.

Anyway! Sorry again for the downtime. See y’all Monday!

Server news, and the Eating of Us by Hai.

I ran back to back Sunday and Monday this week, though each run had its own problems to contend with – Sundays was entirely beset by external factors (a movie mid afternoon, a cable service disruption) while Manday’s (what few they were) were entirely game related. But more on that later. Over the two runs, 576875 continued working on Troll Village improvements, namely working on adding a tavern to it in the same style. Henry10030 added an good exchange tent over his underground base near spawn. Double Positive experimented with his DATS roads. We were visited intermittently by Batman3054, Hachi … continue