Theoretically, a Minecraft Pocket Edition world is not, in fact, infinite. You can get maybe 100,000 blocks away from your zero point before things get a little screwy. By that logic, an infinite world in MCPE should amount to 200,000 blocks along each axis, times a world height of 128… which works out to 51.2 trillion blocks in a world. Not infinite, but still a big wide world to explore.

Originally I started this site as somewhere to put my thoughts on Minecraft as an experience, pass along news, and to show off my monster builds and document my journeys through the strange, not-so-little world I¬†carry around with me in my pocket. It’s gotten a little bit away from me as my Monday night open runs have gotten rather popular over the past few months. I now have regulars contributing posts to this blog, a subreddit, and am looking to transfer this game off of my steadily more beat up iPhone 5 as demand to run this world 24/7 has gone up and Minecraft is going to seriously be the death of this thing.

I mostly play solo, though I am occasionally joined by two entities referred to as Kidzilla and Beastie, and slightly more often by a rotating cast of characters I’ve taken to calling the ARBiTors of Justice. It has been quite a trip.