0.13.2 And 0.14

Hope everyone is having a great 2016!

Last week 0.13.2 was released to fix some bugs and a new skin pack called Journey to the West.

The teams at Mojang and Redmond have been hard at work preparing 0.14. Added to the game are: Hoppers, Droppers, Dispensers, Item Frames, Maps, Witches, Slime blocks, Redstone Repeaters and Comparators, Dyeable Leather Armor, Cauldrons, and Wearable Mob Heads. The beta is currently on build 6. Hopefully 0.14 will fix the performance issues, affecting android and windows phone devices. Since playing MCPE for me via ARBTServer, has been like presenting a slideshow, I welcome these changes.

What will you ask me?

Since my cake day is coming up soon, I thought of celebrating with you all by hosting a AMA (Ask me Anything). Time is TBA, and will be announced on the subreddit and here on the blog also. Be sure to come up with some questions to ask me.



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