I am pleased to report that for the most part the new server is working well. We are having a few issues, but they are mostly of the PEBTAC* and “my network is being dodgy” variety. The latter problem is nothing new as they are the identical problems I’ve been having on the iphone since 0.12 was released.

The other errors are not the fault of the tablet, they are more the fault of this is Fisher Price My First Android Device and there are some things I’m still getting used to. So far the major impact here was finding out the hard way that my backup procedure needs to change, as I thought I’d backed up the game before we went to Survival mode last night, and then went to restore it and got “ARBTServer cannot be opened.” Panic. I ended up transferring the files I’d pulled off my iphone early Saturday, so two days of server time went poof, but two days is way better than a year and a half worth of work, right? :/ I did figure out what I was doing wrong this morning so that won’t happen again.

Other news and announcements etc:

  • Since we are now up more than 3-6 hours a week, I’m going to be a little stricter about enforcing the build moratorium, and will in fact be extending it. Please do not build or modify anything within 200 blocks of spawn without permission. Its a huge map, y’all. please range further out.
  • I will be posting server downtime, maintenance, etc on the subreddit, so if you’re having connection issues, please check over there for a status report.
  • server will likely be down tonight as I will be rooting the tablet and starting to play with command mods and Mine view. Perhaps at long last, we will have a server map? Stay tuned.


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