Been a little quiet on the website lately! For that I apologize – my non-Minecraft life has been eating me alive, and many of the ARBiTors are back in school, so really everyone’s been busy. But I wanted to delurk long enough to say HEY I HAVE SOME BIG NEWS OH WAIT THE FEATURED IMAGE FOR THIS POST AND THE SIDEBAR ALREADY SPOILED IT WELLP.

To make a short story long, October 7th was my birthday, and I got myself and by extension the rest of the gang a little present: An Acer Iconia One 7, the sole planned use of which is to host ARBTServer. I’m please to announce that as of 2:15 am, Eastern Standard Time, the game is now running happily on its new Android home and will be for the forseeable. We have finally gotten to 24hr land, and it hopefully will be awesome? We’ll see.

This is my first Android device so this week there will be a bit of Server Mama vs the Platform Learning Curve, and the first few challenges ahead are rooting the tablet and starting to play with the wide world of blocklauncher mods until I get closer to an environment that will mimic the kind of server I want to run as much as possible. Maybe if I get brave down the line I will actually dip my toes into modding as well, now that I’m on a platform that supports it finally.

So, in conclusion, happy birthday to me, and by extension, to all y’all. I know I posted this thought on the subreddit yesterday, but I do deeply appreciate that all y’all took this little pixellated journey with me, and I <3 you all.

Go forth and enjoy.

A note – The server’s skin is the faded gray with the scary red eyes. If I am actually around/playing I will be logged on as ARBT with my phone using my normal skin, unless we’re at capacity. Do refrain from building glass cages around me, thanks. 😉


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