First of all as your fearless leader I apologize for my absence these past few weeks. August has been absolutely crazy with work and Real Life, so my focus has been anywhere and on anything aside from Minecraft lately. I’m hoping things will calm down this month so I can focus on the game and the blog more.

Second of all, its a long weekend in the US owing to the Labor Day holiday, signalling the bittersweet end of summer for most of us. Since WSE is down for the moment, I’m offering to keep ARBTserver online as much as possible this weekend, since I have no official plans that require leaving the house, lol. Since this will essentially be 24 hours for the next couple days, I invite people who have wanted to visit the server but couldn’t before now due to time zone problems to pop on and say hi. 🙂 Throw down some nether portals, since 0.12 has been submitted and will hit fairly soon! (I’ve been setting off a bunch of farewell nether reactors.) I won’t necessarily be at my screen the entire time, but will say hello if I’m around.

Hope to see y’all around!


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